The Most Useless YT Video in the History of Ever …

… without the shadow of a doubt is this shit here:

Because who the fuk wants to know? And how is that in any way shape or form interesting? Peepels, I tellered you often enuff not to have both on one and the same fukn hardware! Ok? I mean, if you really must, yes, you can do it. It’s easy and not even very super dangerous … just run-of-the-mill standard dangerous. Your editrix started her Linux life with only one computer but Linux Mint + Windows7 in dual-boot configuration. It worked. But let’s be adults for now, ok? Buy a cheap as shit lappy at the local dumpster or from a thriftstore or salvation army shop or fuk wherever.

But back to the topic on hand: Above here there is a video tutorial on how to install Mint on top of Windows and be happy with both. Aaaaaaaand … PROFIT!



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