Oh Oubaas :(

Me happily chugging along Parklands Main Road when suddenly the whole van fills up with steam, hot stinkin’ steam! 😮 Minute later it happens again, another minute later … again. Oy vey! Hot shit. What is this?

Then suddenly the gears slips and the fukn van becomes slower and slower. Then it jumps into gear again and I can drive … yay! \o/ Crisis averted …

No! automatic clutch slips again, then gets a grip again, then slips, then grips, then slips, then … I get the van home in slow crouching pedestrian speed and pulling a tail of hooting cars behind me. That’s kinda embarrassing. My face turns red. :..(

In the morning my friendly personal mechanic arrives and checks everything. He finds a leak in the watercooling hose that’s around the cable of the automatic gearshifter thingie. We fill up the radiator with more water. Then he tries to go on a test drive … nothing. Not even the big strong mechanic gets the gearbox into any gear.

Fazit: Orca is grounded again. As is Oubaas. On Monday he will get towed to the workshop. Repair time then? Nobody knows how long it will take. 😦

Oubaas would also need a good wash.

Already second guessing our decision for the Ford. I mean if the freshly installed automatic gearbox is bust (which will be expensive to fix) what else does this shabby van have in store for us? Maybe it would’ve been wiser to settle for a halfways decent VW transporter … maybe maybe …


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