Hello from the Minty Side! :)

Today the most lazy slowpokey editrix has finally done it:


Installed LMDE2 Cinnamon on her littlest desktop PC. Yes, Linux Mint Debian Edition since that is somewhat more coolerer and geekier that the point issue Mint 18.2, but basically the same. Wanna know why I installed Linux Mint on my test machine although I’ve tested it quite often enough in the past, and loved it accordingly? It’s supposed to be a support service for anybody testing out Linux on their own hardware. Just in case anyone needs help with this system. Then I can check on my own machine and maybe, if needed, post some pics in order to show the solution to whatever problem you might’ve run into.

Pretty nice, right? But wait, there’s more: When  you’re swimming I also protect you from sharks by poking them until they ded. X(

View Poll Results: Killer Whale vs Great White

So you see, reading Thar She Blows is always a profitable deal with thrown in bonuses n shit … and sometimes even a glittering rainbow to top it all off. 🙂



  1. If / when Linux Lite goes belly up or gets too cumbersome, I’d go back to Minty fresh LM in a heartbeat. Linux Lite is fine as long as I don’t add much of anything to it, lol. How’s that LMDE working out? Is it Debian Stable or Debian Testing?

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    • Honestly, Robin, I don’t know. On the Mint homepage they only stated Debian repo.
      Anyway, LMDE is and always was one of my fave systems. Although for a little while there I prefered Point Linux, which is a very basic Debian with either Xfce or MATE DE.


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