Why YOU Must Fight For Net Neutrality!


Sounds boring, right? Political sh!t nobody wants to know about. You trust your congressman to act in you best interest … and however, things won’t be as bad and blahblah blaaaaaaa…


Wake up, America! Here, may I urge you to watch Jerry’s (a.k.a. Barnacules) very informative video? As an ex-Microsoftler and bonafide g33k he knows what he’s talking about:

I hope you participated in the Internet Protection Day already. If you missed it (how could you have missed it, after Orca made such a big deal of it?) maybe Jerry knows one or two more tricks how you can fight for the protection of net neutrality … and your wallet?

And if yu don’t have 20 minutes to listen to reason, why not watch the much shorter and more sexy version by TYT?



    • It’s one of those American problems, darling, and they’re sposedly arguably 1st country of the 1st world. 🙂
      Dunno nothing about net neutrality inbeautiful Norse but here in Saffa, prolly still a part of the 3rd world, speed depends on the plan you’re on. And inside your plan all traffic is treated equally. So net neutrality is a non-topic hereabouts.


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