Compare, Ponder, Choose

A very nice, well thought out article by Robin, regarding his favourite Linux distro. As you’ll find out when reading his blog he’s on a completely different path than me. He loves PCLinuxOS and Linux Lite, and all on KDE, while Orca won’t touch those with a 10′ pole.
So why am I linking to this article?
I do it in order to show you once again that there is not one, all encompassing truth in Linux. Our universe is so huge and vast it has something to offer for everybody. You just gotta pick and choose wisely. That’s why I encourage people to distrohop as much as possible, try out all available base codes and desktop environments. I’m sure, 100% convinced even, you’ll sooner or later end up with your own system … that’ll probably be like totally different from Robin’s, or mine.

Confessions of a Technophobe

So for a few weeks I have had a great chance to compare two awesome Linux distributions (hereafter “distro” or plural form “distros”), each with unique tools and features. So much of choosing a distro has to do with completely subjective stuff like the user’s ability, tastes, and values. There are desktops and Window managers to choose from, levels of risk to choose from, rolling-release vs. point releases (both have their advantages and disadvantages), system tools and system toys that may be unique to a particular distro. One is not better than other as far as most of the objective measures are concerned, it’s about “which is better for me.”

I had a big fancy 64-bit hand-me-down HP all-in-one desktop that ran PCLinuxOS Xfce “mini” in spite of it’s abundance of RAM and processing power. Until the hard drive finally failed completely. I also have a Dell Latitude laptop…

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