Octopus Grift. You Got It?


Am I like totally out of the loop? Yeah, wait, don’t answer that, I know I am. 😦 Still it occurs to me the whole VR and Oculus hype is kinda over before it even started or made it to the mainstream.


Same appears to be happening to SL’s more fancy brother, Sansar. Last I heard was people getting invited to an ultra early alpha version … and then nothing any more.


I know I’m admittedly out of the loop and not hot on the heels of techy infos and virtual reality and all that stuff. But I’m reading a lot of Second Life and computerish blogs and websites, so I guess I would notice once Sansar opens with big fanfare or any newnesses about it really. But no. Nothing in my inbox or in my dawn patrol. Octopus and Sansar are like non-entities, like an already forgotten wildfire.


Oh no, hang on. Wait. One thing I’ve heard about the Octopus: Sales figures are going doooown … and so do the prices. I mean, of course the price must come down. 300 moneys for a fukn misconstructed plastic goggle you can’t even peek thru? That’s a bit steep isn’t it? If it was a stylish sunglasses, ok. But this fugly thing in BDSM harness? And all that only to get into a new virtual world thingie with some gimmicks? Never would I buy that shit!


What about you, dearios? Any Orcablog readers have invested into this Octopussy thing? Why? You got too much money and no idea what to do with it? Or are you truly excited about Sansar? Please share your experience so far and if you think it was money well spent.



  1. Out of the loop with Oculus and the head mounted displays nope it seems to me that revolution if not over it is very delayed delayed. I’ve head the amount of time a user can stand to wear one of those things is about twenty minutes if they can even afford it.

    Out of the loop on Sansar, early alpha sound pretty accurate to me. Remember I’m not one of the anointed ones that were invited in I’m just curious so I watch the Sansar train wreck. LL is claiming open beta this mid-summer I think. July isn’t over so I guess it’s still possible.

    Remember it’s been early this year, then early spring, spring, early summer. I seem to even remember fall of last year. So, if you’ve been holding your breath the flesh is falling off your bones.

    It was hyped recently in an LL video with one of the anointed ones as an innovative game changer along with an unbiased SL journalist. (Pardon me while I go give an offering to the great porcelain god in the smallest room of my house.) It was a beautiful video. So, expect Sansar REAL SOON NOW. I would advise no breath holding.

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    • Unbiased SL Journo? Hm, I wonder who that might be: The Shakespearian prince, the German video guy in shorts … or the usually suspiciously well-informed Inara, the Berlin fangirl, the little mischief maker or the former owl?

      I only know one thing for sure: It wasn’t me. 🙂

      And no problem to breath as usual, I’m not too much in a hurry to see SL’s killerbaby coming to life. But when it happens I have a vision of Ebbe Frankenstein proclaiming in a dramatic gravely voice: “OMG, I have created a monster!”


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