Tender loving care for my hardware!


So after carefully removing all keycaps from the board I dunk the body into a washbasin with hot water and Sunlight. But let’s not get nitpicky here, I guess any other dishwashing liquid will do the job as well.


Then don’t forget to dunk the dirty mouse as well. Of course we remove the battery first.


To avoid chaos I do the same to the keycaps but in a different container. Washy washy all the shit with a soft sponge …


… and put it out to dry.


The keycaps contain no metal parts so I feel safe drying them in the microwave. One minute at 900 Watts leaves some wet spots so I add another minute … ouch! Some caps are starting to melt! 😮 But not too bad, so I guess I can reuse most of them. :/


What you need for the operation is a keycap puller. What you don’t need are molten keycaps. 😦

Apart from the microwave stupidity I can promise you there is no harm in cleaning computer externals with water and soap. As long as you remove all batteries and dry them very carefully for an extended time they should go back into service without any problem.


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