Thank You, Joe

Heyyy, I am confident most of you fraggles have already Linux installed on your hardware, right? So logically you’ve also upgraded from Mint 18.1 to 18.2, as ordered by your editrix. =^.^=


In the rare case you’ve spent the last few monthes/years in a coma under a rock, lemme get you up to speed: Having Windows/MacOS kicked to the curb and replaced with a nifty GNU/Linux OS is mandatory now if you wanna go on getting your daily dose of Orca! So no excuses anymore! Capisce? No, honestly, if I had a single evil bone in my body – and if it was technically possible – I’d so block all the Windows and MacOS users from attaining this blog. So, basta!

Good, so with these basics out of the way now, lemme also tell you that Linux Mint shall be (y)our weapon of choice. You get it from hereabouts:

Linux Mint version 18.2 is out since a couple days, so get it!

Buuuuut, but but, this ain’t our topic for today. I’ve already typed my fingers to bloody stumps in the past and y’all should be sufficiently enlightened about all some things Linux. So today, particularly for you comatose total n00bs, I’ve found a very very nice video by our old friend Joe Collins. In this video Joe explains and shows you how to actually install Mint 18.2 on your computah. He also tells you with his angelic patience what you’re NOT supposed to do and what details may break your attempt. So it’s indeed a very worthy watch:

Best video ever!

So if you have just short of one hour spare time, may I urge you to watch this vid tut? Best viewing is while you’re installing Mint on your hardware. Pause the video whenever you need some time to do stuff and catch up, and you should be golden.

Particularly impressed I was from the first few minutes of the video, before Joe went into medias res but when he just chatted leisurely about 18.2 being the best version of Mint to date. Yeah, that’s, like, totally the best thing about Mint, it gets better with each new rendition. And, like your editrix, Joe also recommends Mint as a beginners distro. Yeah, I see really no need for special beginners distros since Mint is kinda self explanatory when you come from Windows. It’s easy to grasp but also allows you to do everything a grown-up system can do. Actually there’s a valid reason for Linux Mint occupying the #1 spot on DistroWatch  other than just for its sexyness. Joe also cautions you to back up all your data before installing Linux on your precious computer. Talking about computers, mhm, like me Joe ain’t a fan of dual booting neither. Her does it in this vid, but that’s just because he’s filming the whole process continuously and that wouldn’t be possible if he deletes the capturing device. LOL.

When I told you the whole video is 56 minutes long … that’s considerably longer then the installation process. 😮 And that is because Joe’s taking his time to explain everything in some detail. That in order so you’re not just painting by numbers here but you shall have obtained a certain degree of know-how and wisdom once your Mint is installed. Buddha bless Joe for his thorough and unrelenting service towards you and all the millions of fellow Linux beginners.

No, really now: If the only reason holding you back from doing your first step into Linux is your incompetence, this great video shall provide you with everything you must know and do, and by the end of it you should have a nifty, ready-to-go quality Linux system on your poor ersatz PC.

And hey, once you’re done with the video and hopefully the install as well, please leave a Like on the video. Or, even better, why don’t you just subscribe to his channel? It’s worth it.

Aloha, and happy sailing y’all.


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