New Camper … Intermission

While overnighting on the parking lot/rez area of the Explorers Information Centre I notice a little vendor. Whoa! Who’d thought of that, a vendor, in Second Life??? It’s a kind of magic, right? Anyhoo, this vendor gives me a Pinzgauer DEMO, which is kinda very neat. In case you have no fukn clue what a Pinzgauer is, it is a specialized Austrian (not Australian!) off road vehicle and kinda one of a kind. I guess the Austrian (not Australian!) army uses those, and maybe some Alpine goat herders, hunters, rangers and survivalists and people like that. Here, lemme show ya:


I’m much too lazy to read the notecard but in the real, commercial vendor you have the choice between various paintjobs and body styles, with and without roof, a pick up truck and a ralley version.


Anyhoo, this demo version comes in this military green style, which ain’t very photogenic. 😦 Also I notice it seems to be an oldstyle build, not very detailed but prim heavy. But then it’s not very expensive neither. 500 Smackeroos might’ve been a lot of money in 2007 and bought you the coolest things but nowadays we’ve grown up – a bit – and regard 500 L$ as nuffink anymore.


But the best thing about the Pinzgauer ain’t its cool looks but its engine. Very responsive, with thousands of gears forward and revert this is indeed the most terrain-going land vehicle in SL. At least of the vehicles I’ve driven so far. It’s really refreshing after the anaesthesic driving experience of my MB camper van. And what better location than the Corsican highlands to testride this thing. Go, try it out yourself. Maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised, maybe you’ll go like “Meh”, but you’ll spend some time doing something else than hanging out in SL Welcome Areas, harrassing stupid n00bs.

Okok, not Austrian (neither Australian!) but the Swiss Army. But afaik it’s build in Austria (not Australia!).

Aaaand when you test this thing out, and make some nifty cool photos of yourself climbing to the highest mountain tops, and then send them in to Orca’s little vehicle friendly bloggo thingie, you’re even a productive, useful member of society, a column of the SL community.  You’ve found a meaning in life. Hah!

The Pinzgauer looks almost a bit like the German Unimog, no?



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