Eeeeks! :o


Uaaargs! Wotz dat durty slimy rusty unsanitary crap on Orca’s mouse there?

I can and will tell you: That uncouth shit is most probably human DNA, blended with various junk food stuff. Think KFC, cheesecake, fish fingers, sweater lint, dead mosquitoes, olive oil, all that shit you touch and collect during days n weeks n monthes of doing nothing but wearing your own skin. This happens particularly when you drink and eat at your workdesk, like stupid Orca always does. :/

Eeeps? Yes, I know. I just gotta ask why does it build up in the only spot of the mouse I never touch? Right in that angle in between thumb and index finger. Anyhoo, it’s ghastly and I will have to clean that otherwise trusty old mouse again. And my keyboard as well. Fortunately I have everything twice so I won’t miss a beat while mouse and keyboard are drying after the wash.

See guys, you gotta TLC your computers, otherwise they will stop loving you. 😦


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