New Camper Pt. 3

And onwards on the western loop of the Circuit La Corse


I don’t know what it is exactly but the whole continent of Corsica reminds me of … well, you know the more posh quarters of your hometown, where the houses become mansions and the gardens are more like parks? Yes, that is Corsica in SL.


In fact is even the road network perfectly organized with zebra stripes for pedestrians and signs that show the distance to the next couple of sims and rez zones and stuff.


The whole landscaping of Corsica is rather tastefully done. And the populations seems to be rather industrious, as we can easily see from the many many billboards.


See? Where on Sansara you’d find some weird  structures and/or freebie houses, here on Corsica they have Disneyfied castles! 😮


Slowly we’re approaching the highest point of the western loop, which is at an impressive ~70 meters height.

On a whim I decide to make camp for the night and chug my camper into the rocky terrain of the Corse highlands. Unfortunately autoreturn here is set to 5 minutes, and as soon as I leave the driver’s seat to enter the living part of the cabin, my van goes p00f. 😮


So back to the last rez zone and onwards we go. Pheeew, after that shock I need a coffee now but … oy vey. Sorry, not at this Bad Coffee house.


Anyway, we’re almost back in the lower areas of western Corsica and coming up to the legendary Explorers Information Centre. From an earlier visit I remember it’s a useful place where you can grab a map so you won’t get lost on this heavily fissured continent.


I decide to make camp at the Visitors Center’s parking lot, which is very practical since it has its own rez spot.


Finally I can relax in the warm and cozy cabin and enjoy some creature comforts like a stove, coffee machine and microwave.


But then, I’m just getting cozy and trying to find out how many TV channels I can receive up here … I get the old message we all know from the bad old times in SL:

You’ve been logged out of Second Life!

Ok, shit. It really looks as if I’d need at least one more day to finish my Tour de Corse.


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