The New Camper Pt. 2

Okayyy, after not having had much fun on my first drive, everything should be fine now I thought after I had contacted manu (ptitmanu.beaumont), the owner of MB Creation and builder of my MB Camper Solo and he sent me an upgrade to Version 3 of the vehicle. So today I finally dared hitting the road again. Driving experience was basically the same but I found out I’m now finally able to sit on furniture in the salon, rather than only in the drivers seat. YAY, let’s go camping, so I can do some photos of me frolicking in the van.

But then I didn’t take into account our old enemy, the good old laaaag. And what can I say, already the first sim crossing put me in stasis for an extended time …

Ouch, my eyes! WTF?

… and during my “absence” I must’ve hit a wall or something and banged my noggin pretty good. 😮


And when I came to it was all too late. My wonderful pretty camper was stuck and I was so angry I logged out immediately. Let’s try again tomorrow or monday or so.


So, this just to let you know I’ve not forgotten to do a writeup of my new fancy campervan. It’s just the system is very much against me right now. 😦


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