Onsen @ Fairy Manor

And once again the editrix felt like a dirty little slut with the urgent need to be cleansed inside and out. And what’s better for a thorough cleansing of body and mind than a soaking meditation in a traditional Japanese hot bath? So today I visited the onsen at Fairy Manor, a roleplay sim with sexy entertainment for everybody. As we’ve learned from earlier bathhouse visits that mustn’t necessarily be a bad thing. Let’s see how Fairy Manor interpretes the topic of a hot spring bath.

It takes some effort to TP from the landing point to the level where Fairy Manor’s onsen is, in immediate neighbourhood of the Fairy Manor … HENTAI HOUSE??? Perverts! I see perverts everywhere. 🙂

Fairy Manor: The Multi-Themed Hangout For Everyone!

Multi-themed hangout for everyone! 18+ only!!!, Anime, Hentai, Fantasy, scifi, urban, onsen, University, club, dungeon, arcade, sex, RP, petite, furry, yiff, RLV, cyber, medieval, games, mall, homes, gacha, BDSM, NS System, bi, lesbian, gay, futa


Hardly irritated I look for and find the onsen. Ok, let’s get in for a splash.
Fortunately I’m already in my bikini, the dressing room is bereft of any towels and other modesty items. But I find a nice dreamy anim at the lockers.
And before I get acclimated I’m joined by a multigendered anime character. So sexy, much WOW!
We play for a bit in the bath tub …
… but hey Orca, bitch better focus on your blogging duty!
Me taking a shower, and only concentrating on my snapshots, is obviously too boring for my short term companion, so before I can say baibai, heshe’s already left and I’m alone again.
Then I hit the main pool and choose the most unjapanese toy there is: A fake innertube. But it’s nice to contemplate about what could’ve become of my little anime friend and me if heshe would identify her gender as Attack Helicopter. Let’s think about that for a minute …
But there’s more than just the innertube. As versatile as it is, there are also three rock pools in the main pool. And they are all chockful with cute solo and couple anims.
Splishy splashy!
The most uncomfortable anim in the history of ever!
So I just jump on the massage bed. Shit, where is my attack helicopter when I need one?

My resumé of the onsen at Fairy Manor: Not following the Japanese traditions but chockful with nice bathing anims. And very positively I noticed the absence of in-ya-face sex shit but one can indeed have a totally self-absorbed soaking experience here. The build and architecture I liked a bit less. The bath house itself is a bit cold and utilitarian looking. I personally would’ve prefered a more moody, whimsical ambiente. Still I rate Fairy Manor onsen as one of the better onsens in SL.



  1. Hamburg greets Putin ORCS where are your comments on your home city reaction??? gonna blame the cops?? usa england?? or accept where the blame, and the paid protestors originated ????

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sorry Sammie, I’ve heard nothing about my old hometown and the fukn G20. It’s insignificant, a rather self-absorbed show of presence for all the powerful assholes in the world, from Putin to Trump … and little Angela is also allowed to play with the big boys.
      As far as Hamburg’s reaction I can only assume everything was fine and well organized with Germann efficiency on the official side … and with some fisticuffs between police and protesters on the people’s side. Business as usual, right?


      • Okay, against my official policy I stooped low and looked at the former news magazine “Der Spiegel” and found some interesting video:


        I don’t see anything out of the ordinary. Massive summit of the world leading assholes = massive resistence by the people. Hamburg is and always was a rather progressive, free city with a majority of left-leaning population. Of course shows like the G20 are met with some resistance here. In typical Hamburg fashion it all seems to be rather relaxed and the protesters taking the water canons more like showers after a hot July day. I particularly liked the pizza delivery guy who just kept on riding thru all the different police and protester blocks. Back in my time I’ve seen worse.


        • LOL. Now even Reza Abadi of Russia Today pays his respect to the police forces and calls the protestors senseless vandals. Oh … so I guess your guess about who paid the protestors was arong. If you guessed who I guess you guessed who paid them. 😉 Let’s not forget Putin is attending the G20 summit as well and is as much a target of the protests as all the other aholes.

          If they don’t want trouble with the black block they need to leave our fair little town alone. Huaaahahaaaaaaaaaaa. 🙂


          • Sooo, from what I’ve gathered so far it started on Thursday when the police aggresively tried to stop a peaceful and APPROVED protest march. That was indeed illegal and not following court orders. Towards the evening it all turned into a drunken frenzy that had nothing to do with political protest anymore. And from there on it only went worth. Yesterday (Friday) the city was burning and police was shooting gas/water and people drank even more and all the usual pub brawl and broohaha … Huge spectacle.

            Here’s a rather boring live stream … no wonder at 8 o’clock in the morning.


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