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Ohey peeps, I won’t ask you how you like the new theme and layout of Thar She Blows! since I frankly don’t give a fuk. I rather like it and will stick with it for a while … until it bores me or becomes technically impossible.

But I’m asking your expertise anyway. How’s the sidebar? Find everything that belongs there or missing some stuffz? Is Blogroll + Followed Blogs maybe a bit overkill? For the rest: Is Search function, Follow function, Blog Stats and an Archive enough or do you need more stuff for a more convenient blog-reading “experience”? LOL

In particular do we need more social networking links? You maybe know what a klutz Orca is in all social aspects, so I have no clue about what’s hip and must have in the modern social networking and blogging scene.

Please help me out guys.  Thankies xooxoxox


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  1. don’t like the new format maybe i will get used to it
    On a different note did You see how Hamburg reacted to putins visit well not just him i guess such a shame to see Hamburg like that xxx OK so not ALL hamburgers smiles

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