Ubuntu is in a Bad Shape Right Now

With the recent wibblewobble course Canonical Ltd. is taking regarding its choice of standard desktop environment, now already two Linux hardware suppliers have resorted to “build” their own distros to deliver with their computers:

In the USofA System76 did come up with Pop!_OS …

… which is of course nothing but a slightly customized Ubuntu Gnome, that even the always friendly and positive Joe Collins calls a “hodgepodge of crap”. Brrr shiver …

And over in the old world, in Deutschlandia, Tuxedo Computers are installing Tuxedo Xubuntu LTS 16.04 on their machines. Hmm, a Xfce desktop wouldn’t be my first choice either but is still much much nicer than fukn Gnome3.

It was just a question of time.

Of course it was just a question of time, of when the hardware manufacturers would finally come up with their own distros. And I know as well as everybody these aren’t multimega corps like Dell or Lenovo … but still, come on!!! It’s easy to build your own spin of Ubuntu and its many flavours, and who says it has to be all Ubuntu based? Why not take Debian as basis? Or maybe even an easier, n00bfriendly Arch, like Manjaro for example? Why can’t you give your customers some really good OS, System76 and Tuxedo? It won’t cost you more than a handful developing hours and it will be your very own thing … and it will be good!

And/or even better, particularly for highly intelligent and freakishly cool and multitalented Orcablog readers, we know to better mistrust EVERYTHING already preinstalled on your brandspankingnew computing machine and kick it off the hard drive or SSD and install our favourite Operation System instead. So you get nifty hardware by Clevo, one of the best barebone producers, and your personal, favourite Linux system. Case closed and those problems of Sys76 and Tuxedo Computers don’t even touch us anymore.



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