The State of Linux Affairs

Oy 😉

Wassup with Linux propaganda machine Orca lately? No news about this most amazingest of all OSes to report about anymore? Drifted into a black hole and slowly drowning in Linux time warp? Or is the bitch finally back on Windows where she belongs like a sane person?

Short answer is NO.

Of course I’m still on Linux … and happy as a clam I might add. So why am I so quiet about it? Easy answer: Human nature. You see not only in personal blogs but also in mass media, when things go swimmingly they aren’t worthy material for the media. Only once a thing goes bust or somehow terribly wrong, then it becomes interesting again. So you should take my silence on the topic of GNU/Linux as good news.

But aren’t there quadrillions of Linux distros out there to test and write about? What about that, Orcbish, why you no writing about new distros n shit, eh? Well, this question demands a bit longer answer: Because – and you hafta believe my wannabe expertise on this – the GNU/Linux community’s products have reached a maturity that’s easily up to the same level as the big two OSes. You know, the commercial ones made by Microsoft and Apple. That the Linux base code (the Kernel) always was advanced and betterer than those two we take as a given. Now they’ve reached the same ease of use and n00bie friendlyness or unfriendlyness, so there’s not much of a divider aynmore. Neither is there much to learn or relearn or acclimate to. Quite the contrary. In Linux I can do all the stuff I usually do faster and easier and with less effort than in Windows.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update is now available - MSPoweruser
Windows 10. The gold standard. Really???

So, okay, now we got that out of the way … what next?

Now Orca has become useless, or in many readers’s eyes even more uselesserer than she was anyway, and can must shut up! She told you about all the positive things and about the political correctness and light side Jedi goodness of Linux often enough, so now it’s on you to decide. It’s your call now. I can’t and won’t tell you to do the switcheroo from MacOS/Windows to Linux, that is a thing you have to decide for yourself. I even gave you some alternatives, in form of dualbooting or purchase of an older cheapo computer to install Linux on and test it out without endangering your Windows/Mac main computer. So what more do you want?

Oh yes, I know. There is the old question that always pops up when confronted by a sheer endless and overwhelming amount of solutions, options, opportunities … and most of them are good. Where to start? What do I have to do in order to become as cool as Orca and Trap and Robin and a surprisingly large amount of Orcablog readers?

Your first foray into the world of Linux: DistroWatch.

Whoa! People, we talked about that! Since 3 or 4 years. I gave you so many hints and tips. Okay, sometimes I changed my mind and kicked Linuxes off my favourites list but added others. All in all, and with the time passing by, my favourites list became smaller and smaller. Which is a good thing, is it not?

Hey, no problem, I can give you a handful Linuxes you can and should download and install right away. With pros and cons and my personal recommendations. But now we come to the most important question, the one were you ask yourself and me if my hints and tips are right for you. And that is again a thing you gotta make up with yourself. I’m not  a fukn mindreader, nor do I know how computer affine anyone here is. So my personal list of my personal recommendations is just that: It’s personal. My needs, my wants, my requirements, my personal taste. The only thing you can count on: Since Orca is technologically a housewife – heck, she is a housewife anyway – my recommendations will be traditional environments. I won’t tell you to switch your whole computing infrastructure over to smartphones or tablets or phablets or anything stupid like that. Orca only knows traditional desktops. It’s the only stuff she recommends for you. If you wanna try out computing on a xyyxyxyxzzzz buzz machine it’s your prerogative, but don’t expect any expertise from me.
Every granny can compute on Linux Lite.

So here is what I’d do if I were you … or me in following circumstances:

  • Totally stupid and only got a very old craptop on hand. Not so stupid but still a crappy computer. Or just stupid: Linux Lite is quickly installed and will take you by the hand and nanny you through the installation and first steps.
  • You’re clever and your hardware is decent, and you want a cool and stable system that won’t patronize you but is easy to grasp when you’re coming from Windows: Linux Mint is not only right for you but its ranking on #1 on DistroWatch tells you it’s the choice of a majority of Linux users.
Backdoored Linux Mint, and the Perils of Checksums | Micah Lee's Blog
The clever choice: LMDE.

Usually we could stop right there. Yes, that’s it. No reason to go any further. Linux Lite and Mint are easy systems but many many old salts in Linux are using both systems since years and years and are enjoying the alway growing maturity of both OSes. Inside the Mint environment you can even do a little jump onto a little bit more geeky platform by choosing the LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition) over the point editions (right now it’s 18.2). So no reason to become all nervous and hectic and wanting for more and better. As far as computer operating systems go you’re near the pinnacle.

Of course you can always get more geeky. You see Orca rockin’ a fancy kinda-Archlinux system eventhough she ain’t a geek and hardly knows what she’s doing. But that’s Orca. And only Orca. Surrounded by a hostile environment of thousands of predominantly male experts but guided and protected by her guruine. You wanna be in Orca’s shoes?

Orca’s main machine right now.

No, eh? I thought so. But in the very unlikely case you wanna reach Orca’s level of coolness upfuckery, we can talk about installing Manjaro. But that’s a topic for later … much later.



  1. Very, very cool, Orcadear! I too love Linux Lite, but I would tell new users to install the cool tools (and vital safety features) available for Linux Lite but not included by default for who knows what reason. One of the coolest tools and the most important safety tool are Mintstick and Mint Updater remixed just for Linux Lite by the awesome and venerable Ralphy, and available at As you might have uessed by the names, both of these are native to Linux Mint, which is one of the giiiiig reasons it is so very highly recommended for newbies (like some of your readers, hopefully) and simpletons (like me) and technophobes like me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I gotta shamefully admit I’m not very well educated about Linux Lite, I just know from former test installs that it’s a regular nanny and makes the switchy thingy as easy and painless as possible. All those security stuffz ain’t important in your first couple days in Linux … and Linux is save by design, so new users shouldn’t be too worried about that aspect.

      Once they know their way around the ropes they may install all the extra security shit they fancy. For now the first directive is to get that Linux finally on people’s systems and being used.


    • Guru say: “When in a hurry you must do stuffz very very slowly and carefully. Just focus on your task and it will be fine.”


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