More Linux Hardware

You know how Orca thinks about special dedicated Linux hardware … still it seems a nice way to create a sizeable profit from putting basically free software on standard hardware. So, you, the esteemed consumer, can save 5 minutes time you’d otherwise use to install a better Linux system or even Windows on the precious new lappy. LOL. Anyhoo, selling and purchasing Windows-free computers that are proven and guaranteed to run Linux isn’t a bad idea per se. Not everyone can be a stuntperson, many people prefer to buy a ready-made system like they are used to from Windows.

And exactly for those cowards dummies people UK-based Entroware have two new laptops in their lineup:

1 lovely and 1 stupid laptop by Entroware. 🙂

I don’t know exactly what barebones Entroware uses; probably Clevo or MSI, so it’s a good and sturdy choice anyway. And as long as the prices aren’t too outlandishly steep I don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t buy from small “manufacturers” like Entroware (UK) or System 76 (USA) or Schenker (GER) or similar or any of the national equivalents in your country of origin.

In fact this is a very favourable way for your first steps in the GNU/Linux environment. You’ll have a preinstalled Linux on dedicated hardware, and your original Windows machine stays untouched. No confusion, no danger. Perfect. And in the unthinkable case of you not falling madly in love with Linux, hey, no problem: You can always just put a fukn Windows on it.




  1. That’s a col way to introduce people to ‘nix. I like taking older hand-me-down machines that are slow and maddening and make them zip along faster than new! That’s how I introduce new people to Linux, and then when they’re ready for a new ‘puter I send them to a Linux-friendly OEM vendor like this one.

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    • That’s kinda exactly what I do: I too build either my own machines (my main PC is self-built) or I use older computers. I didn’t experience an ethical dilemma when I just purged Win10 of my latest Lenovo ThinkCentre and replaced it with Linux. No problem, no bad conscience at all.

      But that’s people like you and me, not the majority. People in general still think a computer is some kinda magical wonderthingie and would never dare fiddling with it. And exactly for them companies like System76, Entroware et al. are building ready-made ‘nix systems.


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