Buy Some Land!

Hey hobo, your journey has come to an end. Fresh on the market is this adorable parcel of old mainland goodness in the heart of Sansara’s sailing network:

LCC & TrYC Outpost
3408 m²
1505 Prim/LI
20.000 l$

Yeah, the Autonomous Collective’s sailing empire is for sale. And not even for a super steep price. Let’s not forget you’ll buy into the heartland of old Sansara mainland, in Brauer sim, directly on the riverbank of Little East River.

And no fear, there’s nothing wrong with this parcel, it’s super. No need for the new owner to keep it as a TrYC or LCC Outpost. It’s just that with Trap staying in Triumphal and Sammie and Orca hardly online anymore, I guess Lucy is bored and found better lands for her needs. Be that as it may, please contact LucyInTheSky Afarensis for more info about this wonderful parcel. Or buy it directly from the Land Info and shut up. 🙂

Here you go:

You know it’s the right thing to do. Have a nice mansion, your own private dock and just rezz your boat and embark on countless sailing adventures. The waterways are clear from here into Sea of Fables, Mare Secundus, up to Bay City and further out to the Heterocea Atoll. You won’t have the enormous numbers of navigable sims as on Nautilus and Blake Sea and surroundings but this is much more adventurous and exciting and interesting and more beautifullerer! And guess why most influential sailing blog boat testers always did it here on Sansara and not on the Blake. Sailing is betterer here!

You have to be a really crappy human being not to love sailing on the old mainland! And even more crappy not to buy our fancy prime parcel. In fact you don’t have any excuse, so just go there and click on BUY. DO IT NOW!




    • Then don’t forget to tell Lucy to give you the purchase price back. I wonder what to do with my 512 once the parcel is sold. Too bad LL just collected the premium fee for a whole year, so I’m still paying for something I won’t use . 😦


    • No need to play strip poker with Lucy. That girl is always half nekkid anyway. 🙂 And Orca doesn’t have enuff stuff to look at anyway. Also she’s no gamer.

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  1. Well. All that was a surprise to me.

    If you agree, I would like to saty there. I have 1024 sq m (for groups + 10%) for tier. In this case we could split a 1120 sq m plot from the main (connected to water) that I would buy (and pay, of course) for my own use. Don’t forget that I sold my previous ocean side plot to release tier to use use in our land. I don’1t think I can find another plot like that to buy, so I prefer stay were we are now.


  2. Two more things:

    Main plot is a total of 4384 sq m, not 3408 as said above. I separated a stripalongside water to set a rezz allowed to anyone (with auto return in 10 min). It would be stupid a LCC outpost where couldn’t rezz their boats. The 2 plots should be joined again to be sold.

    Meanwhile I cancelled the selling until we resolve these things (joining the two parts; splitting a plot to me).

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    • Hey Lu, how is this news for you? Wasn’t it you who set the parcel for sale? I only know I didn’t, and I quite like the place. Was just suprised when I found my camper was gone. So I looked in land info and saw the plot was for sale. 😮

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  3. i am with Lucy 100% why do you keep putting it up for sale I returned your camper and told you via an IM why it was prim eating don’t put it up for sale again please x re rez your camper any time xxx

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    • Sammie, please learn to read … properly. It wasn’t me who set the land up for sale, I thought it was Lu and I wrote the blog accordingly to my alleged knowledge. Only 5 minutes ago I learned that it was Trappsy who wants to make us all homeless. 😮


  4. Talked to Trap yesterday. She want to free up tier and look for a better place. It was her who put land for sale.

    If I recall right, I give 1024 of tier for the land, and you and Sammie 512 each, the rest is from Trap.

    If you and Sammie want to stay there, as I want, my proposal is to subdivide the parcel in two, one of 2144 sq m to be sold and release Trap’s tier, and one of 2240 sq m to stay as colective land for us:

    (the red one would be sold)

    What do you think?

    P.S. Parcel is already divided, I just didn’t put it to sell yet, waiting for your answers 😉

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  5. Okies. I divided the land as in 1st pic, and put the red plot to sell for 15 th. L$. Just now I’m trying to talk to Trap to know if this arrange is ok for her, and what she wants to do, if she is in a hurry to free tier, she can abandon, if can wait a bit, maybe put lower the price ( I think that a price of 5 th. L$ would sell this reasonably quick)

    (she is not answering my IM, I’ll give her the URL for this, so she can read all)

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    • According to my calculation we should have 2252.8 m² available. 1024+512+512=2048+10%=2252.8

      Correctamente? Or am I stupid again? 😮


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