I finally managed to visit the clusterfuck of wild sims that are bundled together as the temporary SL14B minicontinent. Dunno exactly how many there are, 13 or 14 or so … too many in any way, so a short visit can never be more than a mere glimpse into the wonderously quirky virtual world of SL. And that’s exactly what I did today, I let myself drift around the sims and the many parcels of individuals and groups and organisations and had a peek at how they represented themselves.

Come with my for a short peek if you like. I’m more than happy to share my impressions with you.

Very impressive and very very confusing main stage build. Don’t even try to get close to this area if you don’t have a dedicated graphics card. You’ll laaaaaaaag so baaadly …
The bird’s perspective perfectly shows us the too-much-ness of this monstrosity. Leave your bargain basement Acer lappy at home before coming here!
The confusion is even biger on ground level. Even with my decently powerful GTX770 it took a while before all this rendered for me.
Still it’s quite an impressive, if senseless, view.
Pheeew! I found my way out of this thing. 🙂
A bit further along someone decided to restore liberty and make her a public exhibition piece. “Come quick and have a look before it’ll be gone!” or what?
Also very cool and totally new in SL: Digital City in our usually pretty analog virtual world, 😮
Aha! Inside Digital City is the Forum Stage where the Lindens do their daily panel discussions. But live on stage right now: SL legend Orca Flotta! \o/ Whoohoo! \o/
As I said, the exhibitions are just too many and too much to grasp with a stupid avatar brain.
Our communal friends of the Bay City alliance have a rather tasteful exhibition at the SL14B.
Not much to show inside the tiny exhibition room, but a good opportunity to sit down for some minutes and reflect on all the stuffz.
Of course when the theme of SL14B is “Carnival” what did we expect other than a total overkill of stupid and very colourful stuff?
A rather tasteful welcome area. Why can’t the Lindens make more of these throughout the grid?
Hmmmmm … wut? Not that this welcome center would help with my confuzzlement in any way. 😮
In bananas we trust!
The Spanish University shows an icey theme complete with a funny Olaf animation.
Jo Yardley’s 1920’s Berlin Project is not to be missed. She’s having a carnival in a typical Berlin Hinterhof.
Looks pretty authentic. Just a shame that I was at SL14B at a time when the whole thing was kinda dead.
But at least it was another nice occasion to rest my swollen feet. Notice to self: Don’t wear high heels when going on excursion, stupid bish!
Good question. Would have made more impact on me if this artist had ended his supposed, alleged question in the correct way, with a Question Mark. Like this the whole effect just goes pfff… Never misunderestimate the power of OCD!!!
I knew that. But thanks for noticing anyway. =^.^=
Carnevale di Venezia: Eeeeps, eeeeps, eeeks! Nothing I find more creepy than this terribly kitschy festival. 😦
Of course the RPers had to have a presentation too.
I wonder what they teach at the university of a private steampunk estate … Steamology?
Does still exist: Global Online Hockey.
Carnival or not: I ain’t gonna kiss a fukn frog!
Those colours! Quick, let me log out before my gpu assplodes! 😮

Did any of you esteemed readers attend any of the many SL14B events? How was it? I guess not as dead as at the time when I was there earlier today. If you did anything please send photos and brief info, or report down below in comment section.

Thank you.


  1. I went 5 times to SL14 but just to watch live shows. Must say lag was non existent but not to many ppl around as well.
    So no, i didn’t visit any other area but the live shows one. I’m still hoping to check it this week.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good to hear that LL at least supplied some of the unlaggy new servers for their own birthday party. Thx for the info, Foneco. You didn’t report about it in your own blog?


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