Orca’s a Terrible, Terrible Person!

Yes, a real bad mofo bish. As you can see she’s so vain she’s even following herself!!! 😮


Sorry, but that wasn’t my intention, not at all! I’d never subscribe to my own blog. Jeez! Makes technically no sense, and in any other way it makes even less sense. Dunno how it happened that I’m in the list of blogs I stalk. Beats me. :/ Only thing I could imagine is that hubby (bless his innocent soul) has subscribed to my blog on his computer. But since we’re on the same IP addy I dunno how that would work. For me it looks like an oversight by WordPress admins or sumfink.

Anyhoo, I’ve just added a “real” blogroll to the blog and will probably take the stalking list off pretty soon. Too bad WP only allows other WP blogs in the blogroll. That’s not  comprehensive enuff for my needs. I’d like to add various blogs to the roll that are independently made or on other blogging systems. For example ladyjacqueline1234’s very Linuxy blog.

That’s a Girlgeek!

So, should any of you sweeties still think Orca might be a girlgeek you ain’t seen nothing yet! Your fellow Orcablog reader Jackie outgeeks us all!


One comment

  1. Aww, I just noticed this and Orca there is a plug in you can install called EZ Enable Blogroll, it creates a LINKS section in your dashboard and you can title and post the link to any site you wish and add the sidebar widget, looks just like blogroll. I am using it on mymeshobsession site.

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