Let’s Give a Helping Hand to …

… Jo Yardley. Not that her life’s in imminent danger or LL wants to kick her off the grid or anything. It’s just that Jo’s trying to compile a list of SL Record Breakers.

Do you know of anything? Let Jo know!

Let’s see what she compiled so far:


Just a couple minutes ago I wrote a comment telling her about the – to my knowledge – Oldest Build in SL, the Beanstalk in Welsh. If you know of any similar records please don’t hesitate and help Jo compiling an all-encompassing list of records.

Anyone knows of the first freebie store, the first yacht club, the first commercial builder, the first millionaire (Anshe Chang), oldest roleplay, oldest breedable pet, oldest whatever?



    • LOL, Lez 🙂

      Buuuut you wonderful mad moo must not nominate me here on my home turf but over at Jo’s blog. And it’s you who’s gotta do it, since I’m not vain enough to nominate me myself as the woman who brought doom and gloom to the grid. So if you think the honor falls on me please send your valuable info to Jo Yardley.

      Should I maybe nominate you as the firstest ever openly gay girl? Hmmm …



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