Restless Orcs

Oy! Getting slowly used to the latest style of Thar She Blows! yet? Hah! Forget about it, for your editrix is already bored with it. So I came up with another new style/layout.

Like so:


Yes, I know, it’s even more bereft of any additional benefits than the older one. No Archive, no Search function, no nothing apart from the lastest and greatest blogposts you’ve ever seen. You know, adding these things takes time and dilligence and patience … and I’m not even sure yet if I wanna keep this theme or not. So just wait a bit longer and it will all come back in due time,

I kinda like it. Like it lots actually. But this theme came to me kinda too quickly. Was right the first to choose from. Must be a new addition to WordPress’s portfolio. And that’s kinda suspect to me. Just not used to find a new theme so quickly when usually you’re supposed to browse thru all the themes for hours and then being so confused that you can hadly remember which ones you liked. So today I was  prepared for yet another hours-long research but those meaniepoofaces of WordPress admins took away all the fun from me by presenting me this very serviceable theme right into my face, first thing. 😮



    • Aaaaw, sweet Luna, I’m so sweet and cuddly cute and a joy for everyone and, yes, I’m a fukn Disney Princess too!!! And a pixie, a fairie, a demon, a warrior, a dominatrixie and a sex slave, a sail racer, a leather clad biker, a camper, an a$$kicker, a … everything you gotta be in order to live a fulfilled Second Life. 🙂

      Oh, but first and foremost I’m a bloggerista!

      Hey, I just liked this theme, ok? I changed the font of the headlines to this one, and changed the background to the flowerish wallpaper … which might be a bit too playful and girlish? Dunno, still busy setting it all up, so nothing is carved in stone.


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