Sansar in the Media

Whoa, seems the Sansar train is coming. It’s actually happening and not even the always sceptic, always negative, always passive aggressive Orcbish can stop it. Not after the SLfamous Inara Pey reported about a report by Kotaku, where Cecilia D’Anastasio gave us a first glimpse into how it really feels inworld Sansar.

Hands-On? More like controller-on. 🙂

Cecila’s text is hard to read since it’s riddled with buzz-word quotes by LL employees and not very informative. Too bad that Cecilia didn’t try to escape her chaperones and explore Sansar on her own. That would’ve given us more insight. But like it is now, her article appears weak and anaemic.

Inara Pey’s blogpost is more infomative than Cecilia’s article on Kotaku.

Along the way, she visited several spaces within Sansar, and while treading the familiar ground of Sansar being the “WordPress of VR”, a “VR first” environment, etc., she also took time to point out the side of the platform which isn’t perhaps pushed quite so hard by the Lab: that it can be access and experienced by anyone using a PC system, regardless as to whether they have a VR headset.

What I don’t get is the analogy of Sansar is the WordPress of VR, which is mentioned in both articles. WordPress is a blogging platform, the internet equivalent of old oldstyle technology, like the stone age of the internet. WordPress is the weapon of choice by outdated old people like Orca, who are too stupid and too slow and bandwith challenged to upload videos to YouTube and really really love and prefer to communicate by text and graphics. WordPress is the equivalent of Second Life, a cozy, slow place for cozy, slow stories, So it’s the total opposite of the fresh and funky Virtual Reality powerhouse Sansar strives to be.

Anyhoo, may I recommend you read both posts and check if they are of any use for you and if you’ve learned anything from them. And maybe the one or other of my readers can enlighten me about this WordPress stuff? That’d be great. Thankies.


  1. All i read is that the lab is fearing more and more its failure as mainstream and therefore try to make sure all understand is not about a second Second life, but so far without success. They are being hit hard on the bucks by many reasons, many Sl users stop investing on the hopes that would be just a better sl, Vr paradise is to slow for easy profits, trump/may bleeding the economy and so on.
    For me more and more i feel that i will have to go (perhaps for the better) to Open sim Metropolis, at least there the servers are European.

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    • I perfectly understand your reasoning, Foneco.

      But for me, I’m so deeply rooted in SL I don’t want it to change. It is my virtual home, it’s where my “social” life happens, the only place where Orca Flotta exists, where she can exist. So in case of SL being closed that’s it for me and Orca then. I found out, and have proven to myself, that I don’t really need a second life. My first life is exiting and all kinds of wonderful as it is, and maybe we’re embarking on a longer safari in the nearer future so I won’t have time for all this virtual stuff anymore anyway.


  2. You do understand that some of the top websites in the world are on WordPress right?

    I believe what they mean by the WordPress of VR is that you do not need to be a professional VR video game coder to create a VR experience and its easy. IN much the way you do not need to know html, javascript, databases etc in order to create a good website on WordPress.

    Look mom no code!

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    • Ok, I get it. But why pick WordPress as example when pretty much every other blogging app does the same? Anyhoo, why do I learn about your own blog only today? Just got lost in there for half an hour and intend to spend more time there later. And why don’t you use WordPress for your blog and why can’t I stalk you?


      • I actually have 2 blogs and both are WordPress self hosted, one on a free host and one on a shared hosting plan.
        are both WordPress sites.

        Also not all blogging platforms are the same. WordPress has a HUGE development community and there is a plug in that will allow your WordPress site to do limitless things while many other platforms are extremely limited in contrast. There is nothing that you can do to create a website online that cannot be done in WordPress, literally nothing. If you took a look at the link I sent prior about famous sites built on WordPress that is just the tip of the iceberg, that doesn’t even consider things like buddypress which is what a majority of most popular forums are run on…which is STILL WordPress at it’s core. Another reason to support WordPress is the license for use they give which is pretty near free and open source as it gets. I always support that..and I am sure you understand that aspect as a Linux user.

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        • Oh, I understand and support FOSS in every way, Jackie. Did it already long before I went on Linux full time. But I was and still am afraid of the .org, it seems too much of a commitment for me. And for my humble needs .com supplies me with more than enuff stuff to play with. Just the other day my old frenemy Maiti tried to talk me into .org and self-hosting too, which I respectfully declined.

          But that Buddypress sounds interesting, maybe as a worthy predecessor of the old WTWB forum. Because that’s where my blog reaches its limits. Tell me more if you don’t mind, please.


            • That buddypress thingie loks very promising. I guess it could be just the right stuff to manage and represent a community like SL Sailing in an all-encompassing way without too much effort. If I’d still be involved and active in SL like I once used to be, I guess I’d give it a try. But for this old hag, naaaw, sorry. :/


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