No Bento for Orcs!

Weird how many of my blogs are starting with the question “You remember when …?” isn’t it? But today’s one of those occasions again where I need to ask you if you remember … this time if you remember Trappy gifting me a not unsubstantial amount of money in order for me to purchase a mesh body and a bento noggin for the obviously too fugly (in Trap’s eyes) Orca. Ok, I know my kinda n00bishly looking avie ain’t gonna win Fashion Model of the Year Awards or sumfink but as it so happens I rather like my grumpy little Orcsi. She’s a war-scarred veteran of over 10 years in this brutal pixel world of ours and went through many changes already. Mostly of the shrinking kind, LOL. 🙂

Trap’s Bento head is soooo fukn bootiful!

And I’ve tried to keep her fairly up to date with many many hairstyles in many many colours and skins up the wazoo plus actually more beauty OPs than I care to remember. But, and this gotta be said, Orca is and always was using SL’s traditional toolset of the Appearance mode as built into the viewer and never used any enhancements. For me to wear mesh feet is already a big deal. I mean, come on now, when does anybody ever look at avatar footsies, eh? Ok, now when I go barefoot, which happens quite a lot actually, I wear my GOS mesh feet and feel beautiful.

The rest of Orca is cool and beautiful in her own fun-sized way. So a couple days ago, after some half-hearted tries to purchase and wear bento, mesh or whatever bodies, I finally gave in and sent the money back to Trap with many thanks. Bento and Mesh, that’s not me, that’s not the spirit of Orca.

Orca in a multimillion $$$ bento body would make no sense anyway. I’m not online nearly often enough to really show off my amazing beauty, and when I’m online it’s at times when  nobody else is … so, pfff. Now I can get rid of the bad conscience for not coming up with a mesh/bento look and can stay as amazingly homegrown as I always was. Trap calls my look “pedestrian”, when in fact and in SL and RL I’m a motorist, a petrolhead who owned various cars and motorcycles in her life, while la Trap isn’t even in possession of a drivers licence. 🙂

Orca couldn’t decide if she really needs a new noggin. :/

However, I’m feeling free and fresh right now, as if a stone was lifted off my flat chest, and can go on now with being awesome n stuffz.


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  1. Well i must say it was hard to get saphy to wear a mesh body and she will refuse to use a mesh head but she uses now bento mesh hands as an update for her body (KL Lena perky). Me on the other hand use all esh but nothing bento as belleza didnt released an update version and i love my non bento mesh head to much.

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