More Manjaro Linux, More Singularity Viewer …

… more Second Life! And double the trouble.

Eyeing each other with some degree of mistrust: Orca and OhOrca.

Just for testing reasons I installed a different Manjaro on Gaga, put Singularity Alpha on it and sent my oldest altsister in world to find out if she can save snapshots to hard drive by default. Turns out that No, she can’t either!

Freshly installed Manjaro/Cinnamon on Gaga. I kinda like it and will keep it going for a while I guess.

Well, now that I know the trick it’s not a huge problem but still somehow weird. How come that particularly Singularity viewer and this Linux distro have mutual problems? If I use Firestorm on Manjaro all is okay, if I use, say, Mint Linux and Singularity all is ok as well. It’s only this specific configuration of Manjaro/Singularity that makes troubles.

But for now back to my main machine for some blogging and doing my daily dawn patrol … at 13:47. LOL


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