SL14B, Sansar

Of course Orca hasn’t made her way to the SL burfdai festivities yet, heck, even missed last night’s LCC Sunday Cruise, although it started from the lovely Triumphal. LCC cruise time falls squarely into our movies/series dinner time, and we can’t miss that (just now enjoying AoT Season 2, which is a bit better than season 1 but that’s for another time). But maybe I’m going to the birfdei bash later today or one of the next days, considering all the fine activities the lab, respectively a bunch of volunteering residents, have organized for us.

Please read these fine blogs to stay updated and well-informed. They are the same source Thar She Blows! gets all its info from:

Daniel Voyager reports about the official opening of SL14B and, less importantly about Sansar’s own subreddit. Most interesting for me was the phrase “there is still high interest for Sansar” which to me sounds like defeat, only noone dares admitting it.

I thought reddits are made for important stuff like pics of cats n stuff …


And the always so well informed Inara Pey writes about Meet the Lindens, a series of talks going on throughout the burphdei festivities.

Sometimes I get the feeling Inara, Saffia and Zander might actually be Lindens in disguise or at least having their noses buried so deep in The Lab’s piehole it becomes creepy. 🙂

On second thought, Dee Linden could be chairwoman of the official Orca Flotta Appreciation Party, she surely looks the part. =^.^=



  1. Well i can say i went to both, the Cruise and party after and the opening of the SLB14, that btw was visibly not spoken on by LL, as only in the last minute before it opening it was shown on the destination guide. The cruise was like all this year, again, in nautilius and blake sea, but doing 34 knots i did it in less then 20 minutes, plenty of time to arrive and enjoy the party after, that 1 really worth as it was (i know what you think) about RFL.
    After a while i did crash and decided to try SLB14, where i landed on the welcome area, choose to teleport to the live stage and watch some live music till rl time for bed.

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    • Thank you for the brief status report, Foneco. If you hadn’t your own blog I would like soooo send you an invite as staff member on TSB!

      Hmmm, you think I should just do it?



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