Another Special for Luna

Hey Luna, and all others if you want. I don’t even know if Luna is now on Linux or not, still reading my bloggy or not or if she found a favourite writing tool … or not. 🙂 Anyone knows if Luna is alive and well or not?

Anyhoo, I just read on It’s FOSS about a new distraction-free writing app and it made click and I thought about Luna’s quest for such a program. Here’s yet another try. But I think they missed the mark with this attempt. You’ll know why when you read the article …

Too many no-nos triggered by this one.

That it costs money is kinda ok-ish, as it doesn’t negate the principles of Free and Open Source Software and the GNU licence. But Write! isn’t even open source! That’s definately a NO! If I wanted commercial and closed source software I’d install Microsoft Word and be done with it. Fuk, man.

But the biggest No-No for me is that Write! is an online app. You’re supposed to save your Novel of the 21st Century somewhere in the cloud! 😮 Doublefuk, man!!! Why can’t nobody get it right? Is it such an impossible task to code an easy to use, intuitive writing tool that only uses minimal resources and works offline as well as online?

Yes, I know most Linux text editors can do the trick, but I guess Luna wants a wee bit more creature comforts.

Or not?



  1. You mad cow, I’m alive, well, obviously reading your blog,not on Linux. :p Nor am I princess looking for creature comforts. But I agree that cloud storage is dumb.

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