More Awesomeness

*** I’M FREE AGAIN!!! ***

Hello from the Singu side. 😉

Yeah, free of the terribly wrong and half-baked wannabe V2 coolness of the fukn Firestorm Phoenix viewer. Yesterday caught my Linux guruine inworld by chance and almost immediately IMed her and started asking a hole in her tummy about how to get Singularity to save snapshots to hard drive again. And indeed the wise one knew an answer. Not only that, she also had a real solution to my problem.

This is how a truly enlightened Linux geek looks like. Ha fukn Hah! 😮

Don’t wanna bore you with the geeky details but senpai told me how to set my Linux system up in a way – by only adding around a dozen super hidden and top secret files nobody knows the meaning of – that made me look like a total girlgeek. But obviously I didn’t have a single clue what I was doing, the desktop of my system just looked very cinematographic while doing so. And what can I say, in the end I was not only able to take snapshots but also to save them to my hard drive … like a normal grown up person would do.

Un-installed the FS viewer just a second ago, so my Linux is back from being fat and bloated to its usually skinny and ribbed self. Computing feels so much better now.

Cool, so cool.



    • LOL, LL and Kokua and other V3 viewers are exactly the reason why I and many other stubborn people are still dabbling with the V1.23 groovyness of Singularity, Foneco. And when that has a malfunction we use Firestorm in Phoenix mode as a weird and confusing spare tire.


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