For Rent: Super Prime Parcel in Triumphal!

Heyhey peeps, I know this newness will knock you off your holey socks: Becoming vacant and available for yous pretty soon is this dream parcel in SL-Sailing’s girlpowered Triumphal sim and its own local yacht club, the TrYC. can’t be much more posh than this, elegant seaside residence with access to literally hundreds if not thousands of navigable water sims. This includes the continents of Satori (the dolphin-shaped “Japanese” continent), Nautilus (incl. the infamous Blake Sea and various estates, Bingo Strait, Dire Strait, channels and other known waterways), Corsica (the “French” continent) and Gaeta V (the Peanut). Here, looksee this:

Beach House_001
The parcel Beach House is located in Triumphal’s SE corner, is 7616 m² and can carry 2614 prims/LI.

Disclaimer: The tasteful actual beach house belongs to the recent renter, which will move out at the end of the month. So you gotta bring your own, capisce?

Beach House_002
For more info on this prime cut of SL please contact the very nifty and knowledgeable Trapez Breen a.k.a. Trap.

Shown in this pic is a piece of Laured Cabassoun’s paint shop Celtica Nautic, so you’ll have one of SL’s most awesome and prolific yacht painters as your direct neighbour. If that isn’t cool, I dunno what else. And no fear, Laured’s using mufflers on her spray paint nozzles, so you won’t be harrassed by loud industrial noise.

Oh, and you have the editrix of this, your favourite SL bloggy, sometimes stealthily camping 4000 meters above Triumphal’s lagoon, glueing some prims together. But she’s also vewwy vewwy kwiet.

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