Yuki Kitsune Botanical Garden and Hot Spring

Weird name for an onsen, isn’t it? Actually no, I guess onsen means just that, a hot spring. Japanese may be a bit colourful with their language, drama queens they are not. I didn’t even bother to look if the Yuki Kitsune City Park, of which the Botanical Garden and hot spring are parts of, is owned by a Japanese person or group. It doesn’t matter since the hot spring at Yuki Kitsune isn’t a very traditional one. But very hot and steamy it is indeed. 🙂

After you arrive at the landing point you just gotta locate this dark tunnel and walk or run through it.
Then you just gotta cross a Linden road and enter the giant greenhouse of the botanical garden where you see the typical hanging curtain that marks the entrance to the bath house. Couldn’t be easier.
They don’t waste much time here with attendants and signs with rules or even with towels and showers. You just get nekkid and … have a tea before you jump into the steamy hot spring water.
Not much to do in this bath, which hits the original onsen spirit much better than most of the other baths I’ve visited so far.
Nice thing is you may sit on male sit targets as well, since here are no rythmic fuck anims in any of the sitters.
That’s true gokuraku. 🙂
But one thing is clear, the Yuki Kitsune hot spring ain’t for hectic SLers who are here for the action. 😉
Another male pose. Doesn’t matter, does it?
The arrangement of some of the sit targets is a bit … let’s say awkward. 😮
Anyhoo, a couple hours later I wake up with very dark red and crimpled skin, get dressed and leave Yuki Kitsune City Park and can check one more onsen off my list.

Conclusion: The hot spring @ Yuki Kitsune City park was probably the strangest of all the onsen’s I’ve tested so far. They don’t even use the term onsen in the land description but they have one of the traditional curtains at the entrance, which then otoh doesn’t separate between male and female visitors. There is no dressing room and no showers. Just toss everything off and jump right into the hot water. But Yuki Kitsune isn’t part of a whorehouse or free sex sim neither. So this maybe comes close to a European style hot spring, where we don’t have much in the sense of traditions and gender stuff neither. Come as you are and soak.


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