The 24 Hours of SL

Hello. I guess even in the last hidden parts of the Anglophone world it is established by now that one day-cycle on planet Earf has a duration of like roundabout 24 hours or sumfink. Even if their clocks only count to 12. But that’s not our problem. A day lasts 24 hours! So, basta!

Now even our friendly hosts of The Lab seem to have come to the same conclusion and changed the SL day-cycle from a measly 4 to the full 24 hours. Very real-like n stuff.

My all-knowing blogging girl wonder and idol, Inara Pey, made a story about the 24 hours stuff.

Of course The Lab is much too fancy to just call it like it is and say “Look here, you guys, we made a 24-hours day for yous”, they are using mighty big words and vocabulary that’s way above the editrix’s grumpy head.

The City That Never Sleeps follows the 24-hours rule now was well.

“Ich bin ein Berliner” and realism-freak Jo Yardley reports about the changes in lighting and weather from her sim-owner’s POV. And then there’s also the typical SL resi who gives a wet fart about all this and keeps their windlight settings on standard 12 o’clock all the times. Like Orca, who does this since her first experience of a black screen and virtual blindness during her first full SL night … in January of 2007. Ok, for parties and photo shootings I switch daytime and weather but usually I stick to SL’s standard noon setting. Colour me ignorant but I always liked to see stuff.


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