Big Boats Races in FIYC

After 2 weeks out of SL, I rushed to Arabian (Blake Sea), rezzed the Boitatá* and wait for the race.

First race, Paul and me were side by side, both in RC-44, but this didn’t last much, after 3 sims we both crashed together… GRRRRRR
Okyes, there is a second race, a longer one. Wow, exciting duel against Paul, we were only more than 10m apart when Paul taked sooner than me, but…

In next sim Paul wasn’t there anymore 😦
What else to do else bureaucratically lead Boitata back to finish line. Aaaah, vain hope, one sim from the finish, I crashed too.

Blake Sea 2 X Lucy 0

* Boitatá – a mythical Native Brazilian creature. From Tupi: m’boi (snake) + tatá (fire) = Fire Snake. It lives near swamps and hunt at nights, eating only the eyes of it’s victims. The light of the eyes maintain it’s fire.

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