Wanna Buy a New Linux Laptop?

Grossly overpriced but pretty good hardware, preloaded with a Linux distro of your choice or even Windows if you are so inclined? And you don’t wanna order from System76 cuz ‘murica n stuff n complications? So there is yet another small-ish UK based hardware vendor called Star Labs, servicing your needs:

Yes, it’s the same Clevo barebone that System 76 uses too, just with a Star Labs logo on it. Very nice lappy that.

Yes, I know, as well as you should know this is kinda rip-off. Now once and for all: You don’t need any special Linux hardware! Neither do you need any preinstalled OS on it! We’re all grown ups, aren’t we? Some of us even claim to be adults. And it’s the year 2017 (twothousandfuknseventeen!!!), installing a super easy Linux ISO file on a branfuknnew laptop should be in everybody’s repertoire of skills, ffs.

But ok, I make an exception for laptops. When I last looked for Clevo’s retail prices they were much too steep. You couldn’t configure and assemble a computer with the same specs as System76, Star Labs or various other little manufacturers if you bought directly from Clevo, so we let it slip.

But anyway, this just in order to let you know there is yet another alternative supplier for your independent need and wants, and it’s UK based so you’re not completely cut off the civilized world after the Brexit.

Here, Tech Pills made a widdioh about the kinda expensive Star Labs labtop ultrabook:

Neurodiversity T-Shirt and Stuffed Tux | The Third Glance


And it comes with a nifty case and a stylish hoodie!!! Oh, and a tiny plushie Tux! Datz kool, bro. 🙂






But here, they can make it cheaper. A nice little 11.6″ netbook thing cost you only between 300 and 400something BritPounds:


Whoa! Datz like the deluxe version of OrcNet!

Okay, as a German EU mainland consumer I have other sources to satisfy my Linux laptop cravings but, as I said, this is for Englanders from the British isles and it might as well turn out to be one of the last good resources for them.


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