Running Errands …

… and again fell madly in love with Oubaas. 🙂 Despite the dire wintery weather I just had to stop and make some snapshots:

Our Oubaas loves long cruises in nature n stuff.
And he looks good in every situation and in all circumstances. 🙂
Then Orca became silly and tried to make a video. But the camera was sliding around and the coverage looks mostly like this. 😦 So we’ll need something better to hold the camera in place while driving. Hey, maybe I should get one of those dashcams like the Russian drivers are using to entertain the massive YouTube audiences.

Shit, can’t find any size comparison on the internet but when a VW T3 transporter rolled up beside me at a traffic light I noticed how much biggerer and higherer the Transit is than Volkswagen’s minivan. I could’ve easily spit on the copilot’s head but she was waving so friendly so I spared her. LOL. Anyhoo, the VW and Ford vans have always been in competition with each other but it has to be said, Ford’s model has always been the more mature, earnest professional van. Longer, wider, higher, stronger, more load capacity and overall just more awesomesaucy.

Volkswagen Bus is only good as a hilarious cartoon character.

And it needs to be said, the Volkswagen van is indeed rather driving like a car. The Transit doesn’t even try to emulate the easy car experience, it’s decidedly a heavy duty hauler. And that is good, it’s exactly what we need.



  1. Now wait just a damned minute here…. I LOVED our VW bus when I was little. We went camping in it a lot, took it all over the place with abuncha hollerin’ foster kids. Best. Fun. Ever. Except for clog-dancing in the rain. That’s even more fun.

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    • Yeah yeah, Robin, back when I was a youngling surferbeachbabe I’ve spent a lotta time cruising around in VW busses. Only I never really liked them, to be honest. With the engine compartment taking up so much space in the cargo bay I guess you too must admit that it’s a very weird construction, dontcha? I always eyed the Transit as the better option, it was just … dunno, more scarce and more expensive and somehow not as cool as the VW or sumfink.

      But now, with particularly the Mk 1 Trannies nearly extinct, and they never officially been available here in SA, compared to an over abundance of volksiebusses, they are a dying species and need to be protected and made something cool from. It’s easy since they are the much better base vehicle compared to a T2 or T3 VW. Put a strong Ford V6 under the hood and Bob’s your uncle.


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