Those Pesky Russian Hackers. :(

But pssssht, CNN must never know!

Orca thinks believes that those Brits are just sooo fukn jealous of the  loving relationship between the Russian Federation and the United States, they are wilfully trying to play both parties for fools and create a WW3 scenario.

But whichever what way, the UK has just fucked itself … majorly. And they won’t be able to turn their fate around by creating another international crisis. Mhm. 🙂 And that Louise Mensch un-person in particular can go and fuck herself, cuz nobody else would do it.



  1. orcs talks XHIT there is a very unbalanced build up of russian troops i’m estonia a tiny ignored for many years baltic state who sends troops the BRITS the germans french spanish whatever all HIDE the americans who knows where SO who exactly does care about NATO about europe about taking a stand against the russians wake up,Orca smell the cheese and don’t hide behide the same fears merkel, and an east german stasi officer does of a gay french president and i have no idea why i mentioned spain . it’s a crying shame and well done UK i say


    • Oooooh Sammie, no fear, I’m as wiiiide awake as anyone can be at 6:02 a.m. I was awake and aware of the global politicical situation since I was like 13 y/o. While you obviiusly believe in the western media lies out of mistrust and fear of Russia. Please show me exactly where the Russian troops in Estonia are, then we might talk about a solution. But I, same as Putin, refuse to react to made-up accusations and non-existing crisis! You know Estonia is talking about building a fence on the border to Russia but they are already back paddling since it’s illegal. And that fence is supposed to keep criminals and smugglers from crossing the border easily. Not a single word about Russian invasion, which such a silly fence couldn’t resist anyway.

      If on the other hand you could give me one valid reason as to why mother Russia should show any interest in the problem child Estonia and trying to get them back home under her skirt, that would open up a discussion. Oh, yes, there is of course the NATO troops crouching closer and closer to Russian borders, a real ugly douchebag move. But the Russians are taking it lying down, since they don’t have any interest in Estonia. Same as with the Ukraine. The EU and NATO can have hat disfunctional Nazi holdout. Congratz on the Maidan massacre, now deal with it.

      You should watch the huge 4 part interview that Oliver Stone just had with Putin. That will set some heads straight.


  2. Maybe the entire west world should read YOUR ultra left wing musings instead of accurate up to date real time info but it’s sad you can be so blinkered in these matters fingers crossed xxx
    so don’t ask such dumb questions from your safe seat in the southern hemisphere xx well not of me anyway xxx


    • LOL, my seat is safe because South Africa ain’t nobody’s enemy, and even if they are much too insignificant to be a valued target for an invasion. And what has my admittedly rather left ideology to do with Russia and NATO and EU and USA? You are aware that Russia ain’t a commie country anymore, are you? And even back when they were commies, they never were real lefties and I hated the USSR like the next person because they treated their own people like shit. Stalin brought politics and the atmosphere of paranoia to Russia, which is terrible.

      Only in international politics I thought they were more often right than the USA. I.E. Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, countless conflicts in Central and South America. As you are hopefully aware our corporate overlords USA had and still have a tendency to support fascist regimes and hopeless monarchies against the people of the country. You know why they lost in Vietnam? Because the South was hopelessly lost long before the USA tried to intervene, and the people from both sides were fighting for a new and better Vietnam while the US only tried to oppose China and Russia and gave a fuk about the country. The end result was clearly to see even when they started the total bomb war against North Vietnam. The situation was hopeless and in the end the people of Vietnam won!

      And as we can see right now in the Ukraine they are again supporting not just a fascist but an openly NAZI regime. Is Russia involved in the Ukraine conflict? Hey, I’m not totally behind the times, of course is Moscow involved to a certain degree. But not as much as the western propaganda makes us believe. They are supporting antifascist pro-federation forces in the Donbas region with weapons and ammunition I guess. That’s it.

      And they way in which Moscow kept Crimea from being thrown to the wolves was a strategic masterpiece. Not one shot fired, not one Russian soldier, apart from those that were already there, involved, and just showing enough presence and support for the Crimean population (which is in a vast majority Russian) and taking care of a peaceful and unhindered referendum. Millions of people saved from nazi oppression and poverty, it’s indeed commendable. And the best is that for once the clumsy Russian bear was faster then America. USA was ready to hand out contracts to build new army and navy bases on Crimea but fortunately Putin was a bit faster.

      Regarding up to date real time info, every day I’m reading various sources from all around the interwebz kinda 24/7 instead of watching gov’t propaganda on the TV. Where do you get your info from, cupcake?


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