Linux Mint MATE 18.2 beta

Mint beta is better than most release editions of other distros.

Just a quick heads up for all you fresh or soon-to-be Linux converts: Linux Mint MATE 18.2 beta is out. So if you’re about to get a new PC anytime soon – like our very own Lucy – or wanna start your Linux journey on your old hardware, now is the time to download and install Mint (looking at you, Armano!). And don’t worry about the beta status as this version is automatically rolling into the final release version. Also 18.2 is a LTS (Long Term Support) version of our mostest mintyest os. It’ll be updated and serviced and make your breath always smell fresh well into the 2020s, if you lean that way.


Hm, why do I mention the MATE flavour in particular? Well, fuk that, I really don’t care if you chose MATE or Cinnamon, Mint’s homegrown main desktop. Particularly now that MATE has finally fully switched to GTK3 they are almost interchangeable for all I care.  Mint 18.2 beta is out, just so you know. And it’s good in both versions … and in KDE too if you really wanna. Just avoid the Xfce flavour, it’s pure crappola and I never quite got why people are still so fond of it. 🙂

The other 3 tastes, particularly the two gnome-ey sisters Cinnamon and MATE, are really yummy and n00bie friendly – but still nicely customizable – and shouldn’t pose too much of a challenge for anybody. And even if you run into trubbels, there’s always the Mint forums where you can and will find help. And let’s not forget, in case of an acute End Of World Panik Attack!!! you may ask your editrix if you dare. LOL

But for now there’s much widdioh to look at, and expert-ish opinions and tipps and tricks to learn.

YouTube loves Linux Mint! And so should you. 🙂

So once again,  after you successfully installed Linux on whatever hardware, please let Orcsi know about your experience. Did you like what you got, did you hate it or was it just meh? And as always: Send pictures and text to or directly to the comment section underneath here or ask for an invitation as co-blogger and become a staffer and do your own article from head to toe. Blogging is easy and fun and kinda pseudo creative and will make you feel so much better about yourself. 🙂

Such, or somehow similar, photos I’d like to see from you and your Linuxy setup. In daylight if possible, not in Orca’s skewed vampire view, so the readers can actually figure out what they are looking at.



  1. We’ll just have to disagree amiably about Xfce. I think it’s simpler and more configurable than any other desktop out there. Mine is highly modified and perfect.

    As for Mint, I think it’s wicked kewl how they have so many cool tools to make life simpler, like MintStick for formatting and using USB thumb drives with uber-ease, and of course the Mint Updater which helps users avoid so many of Ubuntu’s “broken by an update” woes. It’s brilliant! It’s been adapted for Linux Lite too, and I don’t know why other distros don’t use it, since the biggest complaint about Ubuntu-based Linux distros is that “borked by an update” issue.

    Mint is great for newcomers and ordinary mortals who just wanna run applications instead of running the OS.

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    • Looks like we have to agree to disagree. I always found there are not enough things to customize in Xfce and they made it lightweight just in order to be lightweight, and lost the usability out of sight. Also the fact that Cinn and MATE are actively developed and are progressing quite nicely while the last change in Xfce happened more than two years ago. It doesn’t make Xfce appear in a good light.

      As you can imagine I’m agreeing with you wholeheartedly on the topic of Mint. It’s great, and if I was still in the *buntu camp I’d use it. The LMDE version tho, but at least it would be Mint. 😉


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