BaiBai Solus. :o

Ok, before I run into trubbel with Ike again I admit freely Solus is a damn good Linux OS. It’s super fast and reminds me on Arch Linux for the most part. Plus it got lots of great solutions and tweaks that’ll make the user’s life easier. Still I guess we’ll never become friends. And I put the blame for that failed relationship squarely on my narrow shoulders. I’m too fukn nitpicky and inflexible and intolerant and … yes, Solus isn’t for me.  And it’s not Solus’s fault!

A last peek at Orca’s personal Solus desktop.

Really, it’s just small stuff that puts me off Solus. For example the simple fact that I can’t use my own password but am forced by the system to use a longer one. And then there’s the complicated way to add my beloved applications as starter icons to the lower panel. Yes, I know, these are no biggies and Orca is probably just a terrible slut … but didn’t we all choose the Linux style of computing for the total freedom it gives us? Well, I used my freedom and chose another path.  My path leads me along the ArchLinux way. I’m sorry but that’s how it is.

Byebye Solus 😦

PS: That doesn’t mean I’m not wholeheartedly recommending Solus for everybody else. Maybe not for total beginners but for intelligent persons it might be the perfect system, particularly with the MATE desktop.


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