Armano’s Silent Age of Computing. :)

Hey peeps, just got message from Armano Xaris about his new production computer. Some of you might remember him as one of SLs fastest and most clever and tactical race sailors. Anyway, today he’s showing off his latest computing thing. Guys, take example and just do as Armo did and send me your various setups:

Armo’s PC in a box …


Hi orca,
Just a little message from the Netherlands.
The new computer finally arrived. Nothing fancy from the outside. I attached a pic from the thing and the box it arrived in.
It’s an Intel Kabyake I3-7300t (tdp 35 watt), 4x 3,5 ghz, 8gb ddr4, onboard graphics, 128 gb samsung ssd. Just an I3 but speedy enough for me really.
It has a sturdy antec case and a 300 watt be quiet powersupply, and comes with a passive cooled cpu.
All that comes without windows for just € 380 including vat at a webshop in the Netherlands.
Of course i’m still not brave enough to go for anything else then windows, but still
i thought that was a steal for effectively silent computing.
I could just hear the thing when i put my ear on the case really.
These extremely low voltage cpu models that seem to be suitable for passive cooling are on the market since approximately january 2017.
There are to my understanding also low voltage Intel Kabylake I5 and I7 models, that probably give options to build a somewhat more effective gaming/ second life computer with a graphics card that is pretty silent. Surely because the fans don’t always spin on some newer graphics card models. Look for the cpu models that end with a t ;).
Didn’t try second life yet with this computer, and as i’m out of the loop there i doubt i will in future. It might not be suitable for this use too. So i will doubt a bit longer.
If i try i’ll let you know.
I just wanted to give a bit of a possible eye opener for your readers, that we reached a point where more and more silent computing becomes affordable.
I looked before to get a computer like this with little or no moving parts, but
just now i finally found something that suits my budget.
It’s a bloody joy to my ears.
I’m no expert and maybe at best a more then average user that reads up sometimes a bit on things. See this as a review from an ordinary consumer who tells something about his newest toy ;).
Curious if you’re interrested enough to post my little e-mail.
Have a nice day Orca…
… and unboxed. A humble but very capable system. Intel proci, Samsung SSD, Antec case, Be Quiet PSU, those are all very good brands.

Thanks very much Armo, for this status update from your side of things. And yes, of course I’m interested in posting your “little e-mail”. Regarding your two questions/doubts I have good news for you and for all the other readers on machines without a dedicated graphics card:

  • The Intel onboard graphics became pretty ok-ish in the last couple years. If you believe it or not, I was even playing SL for well over a year, even went sailing, on  a first gen Intel Duo Core laptop from 2006. In 2017 it’s no problem to run SL on decent fps when you keep the graphics on low. It’s far from perfect and I wouldn’t do it as a photographer or action avie but for just hanging out and chatting the graphics power of every Intel chip is good enough. My personal i3-4130T that powers my Gaga mini system is older and weaker than Armo’s and even that one can run SL. Not great but doable.
  • I really don’t get why using anything else than Windows is a sign of bravery. 😮 Installation as well as operation of, say Linux Mínt, should be a breeze for anybody. You just gotta free your mind from the expectation that everything must and will be exactly as in Windows. Windows is Windows, Linux is Linux! And as it so happens Linux turns out to be the much easier system … for your hardware and for yourself. Particularly on weaker, kinda underpowered i3 machines it should work wonders. My ultra small desktop was hardly powering on in Windows, but in Linux it runs real quick and is a joy to use.



    • I’ve noticed Gaga getting kinda warm when logged inworld, but not dangerously hot.

      Since your system is housed in a much bigger case wiich supplies more natural airflow there shouldn’t be any problem at all. Also considering that our i3 procis are T models I guess they automatically slow down when they become uncomfortably hot.
      A try won’t harm. 🙂


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