Cica’s Shop

Long time since I was last at an art exhibition by SL’s favourite artist Cica Ghost. And I wasn’t at one now either. But when I accidently found out that this nifty little artiste has an inworld store I just had to check that one out.

It’s a new concept (for me anyway) not to buy art at a gallery or directly at the exhibition but at her store CICA.
Most of the stuffz you can buy here ain’t very practical or even usable …
… but Cica manages to redefine the term whimsical in new and exciting ways.
Although, let me ask you this: Didn’t you always feel the need to own one of her robots? Or her Black Star particles?
Some of Cica’s things are practical, even fashionable. For example her hairs.
Oh yes, and fancy furnitures you may purchase here as well …
… and the fugliestest shoes in the history of ever!
I’m still madly in love with the stick figures from Cica’s early days.
And you can buy some flower fields here as well …
.. as on  the upper deck where you get the most stylishly depressive trees.

But the best part of Cica’s store must be the anti-grav room. I spent at least 10 minutes in there, chillaxing aimlessly. That’s so very calming.

You can find CICA here:


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