After a Very Rainy Night


… now a even more rainy morning, including hailstorms, volcano eruptions, earthquakes and tornadoes!!! 😮

Our garden this A.M.

Ok, maybe it isn’t really an earthquake, neither a volcanic eruption but it is indeed very stormy and I swear to buddha, that what was making all the loud noise at my study’s windows was indeed hail! And to make it really crazy-like the sun is shining to all of that in best African fashion. Still it’s much too cold to go outside just clad in a bikini … coming to think of it it’s not nice going outside at all. 😦 Guess I’m gonna take a nice bubble bath now. Or maybe I should check how the surf is in our garden today …


Anyhoo, it’s kinda like the first time in my life I’m really happy about rainy weather. The land needs it, our garden needs it, the whole fukn city needs the rain. The more the better!


… and while I was still composing this blogpost it has stopped already. 😮 Ok, off to the next couple weeks without a single drop of rain. 😦

Dry desert drought hadith | Faith in Allah الإيمان بالله


EDIT: 10 minutes later … it rains … again.


Oh wait … no, it stopped again. 😦


Hah! Now it started again. Rain, rain, beautiful rain!


… and it stopped again. 😦

Climate is fucking with us it seems. And not in a nice way.



  1. We have been without rain here for long enough to have wildfires going all over the state. It will take more than a tropical storm to relieve the long-standing drought here. Thankfully it rained all day long here today, welcome relief! I love the rain. Perfect for dancin’ in.

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    • Yeah, for us SLers it doesn’t matter much how the weather is outside our doors. Only after 10 years, when we kinda had enuff of that shit and peek our noses outside, we notice how the climate has changed in the last decade. From your description it sounds like you’re in Australia or in California or any sumsuch sunshine state. Weirdly we didn’t have any big wildfires here at the cape … not since years.

      In the townships, oh they love to set their huts on fire, mostly to get rid of wifes and kids, but we hardly had any wildfires lately. And right now it’s monsooning outside like it’s the end of the world, so no fires tonight … at all.


    • How do you know they are dutch? The orange ‘kinis? Hmm, you might be onto something here. And to answer your question: It’s easy being great when you’ve 24/7 access to the best dope in Europe.


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