No Need To Ever Be Ready

Nice story in the Technophobe blog.

I just told you about Orcablog follower and Linux blogger Robin a couple days ago … and yesterday I already found a very nice and short and easy to comprehend opinion piece in his Technophobe blog: Ready for What, Exactly? he asks there and kinda mocks all the geeks and their tendency to overcomplicate everything. Same as me Robin thinks we don’t need an army of supergeeks to run Linux on our computers. We need those geeks to run networks and administrate systems and all that stuff. But we ourselves, what we wanna do is no geeky stuff. We wanna play in SL, we wanna read Orca’s blog, we wanna blog ourselves, we wanna go on YouTube safaris, send mails, write novels, store our photos and stuff like that.

You really don’t need any special education for that, or even a geek’s mindset. In fact, once you got used to it, you’ll notice how easy most Linuxes are to operate, and secure and stable and fast and oh my …

And let’s not forget, we don’t work in the operation system, we work in applications. We’re doing that since 20 or more years already and they are often the same or similar applications, no matter if we’re starting them in Windows, in Mac or in Linux. Only in Linux it’s more fun and more secure and faster and more politically correct and all the attributes you hear from me every so often. That’s why you don’t need to be supergeeks, you just need to be your awesome selves or selfs or whatever.

Of course Robin writes it much clearer and betterer than ESLer Orca could ever do. So, read his article and learn there ain’t much to learn or get ready for. Doing the Linux is refreshingly easypeasy. There is nothing to be afraid of in Linux, nothing to be ready for. I guess I’ve said it before: If even Orca can do it so can you!


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