More Good News!

At least for this here blog. For you it’s most probably a rather pfff newness and not so very exciting. But, please, look at this here:


Tadaaah! +50!!!

What in terms of RL age causes a rather mixed bag of emotions (mostly negative) is in blogger’s terms a very nice signal about the health of this very very fringey publication. I mean Second Life has lost its mass appeal already years ago, sailing in SL is only for a minority of the small rest population of this dying world. And the percentage of SL sailors interested in being bombarded with GNU/Linux propaganda and the socialist feminist ideology of the hippie editrix must be microscopically small.

Such a shitty bloggy, written in a wrong idiom and a foreign language, reaching +50 followers is nothing short of sensational!

Thanks very much for stalking me, you guys.



    • I love you too, hun. 🙂


      Oh btw, how’s Linux coming along for you? You know sooner or later we gonna getchoo and move your ass over to the light side. Forcefully if needed! LÖL Time’s running out for Windows and Mac, and the sooner you find yourself on the technologically and politically correct side the better for you.


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