A Pretty Cool Linux Blog!

No, not mine. Silly to even think Thar She Blows! might be predominantly about something as trivial and mundane as a computer OS. No, I wanna show you the Linuxy blog by new Orcablog follower Robin. Here:

The title page of Robin’s Confessions bloggy.

Contrary to his other blog, which is about religious stuffz, Confessions of a Technophobe might be a delightful read for many of us. Because as it turns out Robin is not just a man of God but also a GNU/Linux worshipper on the search for IT enlightenment and awareness. No idea if Robin is a fellow Second Lifer, since more and more of my readers seem to come thru different channels these days, and I hope they and Robin won’t be too disappointed when they learn that Orca’s little bloggsy ain’t the Linux powerhouse they might expect.

I however just peeked into the CoaT blog very briefly and liked what I saw, decided to spend much more time reading through it … and am stalking it now. So far I love Robin’s very end user oriented, real world-ish POV and his choice of pretty unspectacular Linux distros.

I guess there is something to find in CoaT for everyone, particularly for the new Linux users among us.



  1. Thanks! No, not a Second Lifer or much of a gamer really, but I like your approach to Linux. Especially the “Learn Linux? Why?!?” post. “Learning Linux” is for super-geeky techno-wizards who wanna be programmers and server administrators and stuff. Not really for us ordinary mortals who just run Linux for school, web-surfing, emailing, sharing photos, stuff like that.

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    • Exactly, Robin! Exactly. Although my school and uni days are faaaar behind me I see uses for Linux in many more possible usage scenarios: As the best everyday user OS. For kids, seniors, housewifes and technophobes. Once people get how easy to use and secure Linux really is, I think this planet’s gonna be a better place. Really.


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