The adventures of Marcopolo

As new ‘puter didn’t arrived yet, and old one (this) is still refusing to accept any video card besides the onboard one and I can’t be inworld besides with text viewers, I have some time for digressions 😉

Amelia is a good friend from Portugal living here in Brazil. She recently was on vacations and visited her birth place. She was acompanied by her lil friend Marcopolo, and made a page in Facebook, “Marcopolo em aventuras”, as her trip journal. Owww, that gave me much amusement and pleasure reading the adventures of the little guy.

Amelia is back to Brazil but Marcopolo satayed in Europe, made another trip to Italy and Vatican, and is discovering Coimbra, were he set home.

A few of the adventures of Marcopolo.

Marcopolo playing with students of Coimbra University

Visiting a vineyard…

… and tasting wine

Visiting the cryptoporticus of Conimbriga (Coimbra) from the Roman period:

A model of the cryptoporticus in the National Museum Machado de Castro

Mira beach. Seeing the Xávega, a tradicional Portuguese fishing technic


  1. LOL, Marcopolo looks suspiciously like a Leprechaun, don’t you think? Oh well, the Portuguese and Irish cultures were always tightly interwoven, right?

    Very sorry about your PC, why does it take so long? And can’t you log into world at all without graphics card? I was inworld with both my Lenovo desktops and my Acer netbook. None of these have a graphics card but only the Intel HD onboard graphics. And the Lindens aren’t happy with me being online. But for standing around, clearing off the many IMs and group notices and chatting a bit it’s good enough. Of course one must control the temperature and log off before the hapless weakling machine catches fire but it is possible to log in world even without a dedicated graphics chip.

    Oh, Lucy, once the new puter arrives we expect a grand tour with all the specs and lots of photos of the sexyness.



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