It’s So Nice

… to be on Linux. Particularly on ArchLinux, since only there you have the AUR (Arch User Repository), which is a repo that is – as the name suggests – maintained by the users. And some nice person is making always the latest Singularity Alpha viewers available in the AUR. And since I search the AUR automatically I get the latest viewer automatically installed once it’s available and when I do a routine system update.

Singularity 64-bit

Just got version 6937. Ok, I know it’s a couple weeks old by now, but I only just activated the AUR for my system. Cool, so very very cool. Can’t be better.

Only one caveat: I can’t save any snapshots to hard drive. 😮 Weirdly enough it works without any problems in FS. And I don’t think it’s a Singularity failure but must be something with my machine, some incompability or sumsuch.

Bildschirmfoto zu 2017-06-04 13-28-00
Can do snapshots of SL only as system screenshots. Is not what I regard a real inworld photo.

Any Linuxperts here who maybe know what it is and what to do now? A little help maybe? Thank youuuu!!! xoxoxxoxox


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