Burn Baby Burn!

This bloggerista has never joined a Burn2 festival, neither in real nor in SL. Oh wait, I guess I’ve been there thousand years ago … and for the lengthy time period of 5 minutes all in all. Nevertheless it seems like I’m in some Burn group or so. Maybe my fabulous bloggerista status makes people wanna have me in their groups or sumfink.

They have a website!

Anyhoo, just gotz a first invitation for this year’s Burn2 planning or something. I can’t and won’t hide it from you guys, so maybe the one or other of my readers might be interested to get involved in the project. Should anyone ask what you’re doing there, just say you’re on assignment from worldfamous Thar She Blows! blog, magazine for SL Rock Starz. 🙂

Interesting concept: Something with boxes, inside and out and whatnot … way over editrix’s head.

Here is more detailed info about Burn2 2017:


Now you go and get involved and be awesome … and make some photos and write a nice little article for this here bloggsy …


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