The Perfect Mouse For You?


Heyyy, your resident rodent expert again. And this time I make you an offer you can’t resist. LOL No, not me, I’m just a poor little unpayed propagandist for Logitech, which are making you that offer. Oh yes, I should maybe mention that this mouse I’m showing you today is made by Logitech, my favourite peripherals manufacturer. It is the Logitech MX Master 2s. 

You maybe know how much I love the MX Master’s grandaddy, and so I expect this one to be even better. The MX Master isn’t a gaming mouse, so all you playkiddies should stay away. The MX Master is the perfect allround mouse for productive environments, it’s wireless, it’s heavy, it’s chunky, it works on basically all surfaces, even on glass and it’s a very precise instrument for all artistry work, video editing, layout and graphics stuff. Of course it’s overkill also perfect for blogging … and everything you’d ever wanna do in Second Life. And hey, you can operate up to three computers at the same time with this marvellous piece of technology!

And it’s expensive. Quality comes at a price, but it’s worth it.

Here is a fresh video about this brandnew iteration of the old MX Master:


Will you now finally bin your cheapo shitmice and get some real gear?


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