The 3rd World …

… has hit us hard this time!

Look at that shit. 😮 134 ms to a local server in town! 😮 3.28 MB download on our 10 MB line! 😮

I mean fukn Africans may brag about having better infrastructure and prices than Kiwis and Ozzies and particularly Ozzies always getting the shorter end of the stick but in the end what does it really matter in the real world? Look at my latest speedtest from one minute ago and have pity on me. Oh, but didn’t I tell you we’d get fiber in the second half of 2016? Yes yes , the fiber terminates just outside the complex gates but neither our management not the trustees have taken matters up with the fibre company. Welcome to fukn slow and lazy Hippie Central Cape Town. 😦

So now and for the forseeable future we’ll have to accept the usual DSL problems, like overcrowded DSLams, slow service and the occasional outage. And while we could just go and sprinkle our gardens when this happened in the past, now we can’t even do that anymore. The recent drought has brought severe water restrictions upon us. Will probably have to start buying bottled water now since the dams are so low and the sewage works can’t guarantee the quality of our “drinking” water anymore. I mean it’ll still be far better than the water in Flint, MI, but still we’re used to better service and water that doesn’t try to kill us.

Donald Trump Speaks To GOP Women's Groups

Thank you Mr. Trump for being such a non-believer in climate change. Asshole. 😦

OliveHeartOnly one positive thing coming out of the drought: All the wineries around here will have to switch to olive farming. Non drinkers Orca and hubby do like that approach very much. Wine is nasty, olives are yummy yum.

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