One Last Snapshot …


… while I make a final backup of all my data, and before I embarge on the great adventure of reinstalling my trusty old Manjaro … again, for the umpteenth time. 😮 Yawn …

But hey, neither Linux as a whole nor Manjaro are to blame. I guess it was my silly playful nature and my unfortunate habit of storing much too much needless shit on my good desktop. This resulted in the system nagging me about running out of storage space. I guess 256 GB isn’t much nowadays but should be more than enough for a sexy lightweight Linux distro and a bunch of personal data I don’t wanna store on external platters only. You know, all that shit you need daily and want to have immediate access to.

Anyway, it was obviously too much and MiniMax reacts increasingly grumpy now. Can’t have that, and don’t wanna spend extra money on a new biggerer SSD so I’ll start with a blank slate again. And this time  I will make sure not to dump too many bullshit files on my good SSD. So help me buddha.


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