Last day of May

Walking my usual round around town with my X-T2 around my neck. All photos edited slightly in Darktable on a genuin Linux™.

Some ducks swimming quickly away as I came upon them.



One of the last boats being readied for the season, looks very nice.



  1. Whoa! Did I knew already that you were the proud owner of a brandfukn new X-T2? What happened to the street and travel photogs fave, your X-70? Don’t tell me you swapped that one for this monstrosity? But if you really wanna get rid of it, I make you a deal, a very good deal: I’ll give you my Canon SX710 for it. 🙂

    That IOD boat … even more whoa! Even WOW! Very good condition. Seems to be meticulously maintened. Look at how shiny the hull is. Ok, the antifouling could’ve been applied with a bit more care but apart from that … let’s go sailing, hun! Up n down the Oslo fjord.

    And tell me please what Linux are you on right now? And is darktable any good?


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